Day 4: Tolerance in Diversity

The night before, I’ve signup to help rumah kerang deliver food to elderly around the under poverty neighborhood. At 10.00 AM I’ve arrived in rumah kerang and I ask nun when the food will arrive. While having conversation with nun, I gain knowledge that the food is donation from donators. The meal is cooked quite far from the place we stayed. Nun said the food is on the way and it will arrive quite late, so I we decided to have conversation with her. Through the dialogue, I find how putri kasih are very structured.

I learn that putri kasih has a really strong sense of community. Catholic has a clear structure, such as all the Catholics in the world obey the highest structure which is the Pope in the Vatican, Roma. I pick up that putri kasih centered in France and spread over several countries. Nuns do the devotion of spiritual duty, or called missionaries. They live, dedicate, and serve socially in an area, which is Kalibaru, Cilincing the one we went to. They don’t have head nun, everyone is deacons. I appreciate their contribution, I could learn a lot from them through the conversation.

Finally, the food is arrived and we go to our journey giving those food. Walk into some alley; we met a lot of elderly. I was happy to find all the elderly feel blessed and happy for the food; and I realize I’m so fortunate that I don’t need to wait for people give me food. My pray are all for them who need. I got a little emotional throughout the walk and I keep pray for the elderly to stay healthy. I really respect the putri kasih how their empowerment is working. Another fact I found, putri kasih has some foster kids who turns out entrusted to a catholic school, and they don’t need to pay – and the amazing thing is that the foster kids are not all Catholics.




The day thought me religious tolerance. If we learn one religion doesn’t mean we devoted to it, but in my opinion it’s a way of understanding each other. If we understand, we won’t just basically perceive them. I can understand differences, through communication, that is why we need to tell them. This Live-in is working for me; if I got chosen, I could show how I learn to tolerate other religion. From here, it could develop into thoughtful different culture.

To close the day, I teach my neighborhood kid to speak English and some foreign languages, for me I teach them some basic Italian as I currently an Italian student. They immediately copy and again it touched me. Cilincing really shows me the other side of Jakarta.


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