Day 3: Testing the Situation

The day starts with a good fried rice breakfast, cooked by Ibu Mutijah. I keep wondering, why she treat me like her own child? I was moved by her sweet gesture. Finally, I met Ibu Mutijah’s second son. Both of her sons stayed at their grandparents’ house, because I stayed at her place and she’s afraid that I’ll feel a little bit uncomfortable. We took a family photo for a memento for my host family. I feel bless to meet this family; I learn to appreciate live from them.


I met my fellow group to discuss about our programs for moms in the community. We’re going to help them manage their money and give a way to gain more money. As Ibu Mutijah told me and Dewi there’s nothing we could do for now, I go for a little walk with some fellow finalist and kids in the neighborhood. We go back for lunch and ate tons of crab, it was so good. Since, we ate those crabs messily, I decided to sweep and mop the living room. I’ve want to clean the room, but I wait for the right time, this is it – that’s the least I could do for Ibu Mutijah.

Right after I finish them chores, I went to rumah kerang with my group preparing our project for moms. Our project is to teach them how to basic sew with hand and financial management. Why we do this? We thought, many of moms here have lots of spare time and we consider it as a good opportunity to gain more income. I would like try to grow their productivity by sewing on their spare time while take care of their children. This project is aligning with my future PPA; I gain more information to perfect my project to the group project.

In my PPA, my target is adolescent but in this group our target is moms who can help their family earn more cash – more useful. I thought them how to sew and find most of the moms come to our project didn’t know how to sew at all. In my PPA, I immediately start with sewing second hand clothes or give application to it, but through the group project I’ve notice I need to start from the very basic steps, which is basic stich (jelujur). Through this group project, the community’s moms learn how to applied used fabric to clothes.



To close, we share how to manage their money and how this newfound skill is useful to help their income. We share how to give price to the goods they will sell for them, so they don’t under/overprice. The moms’ children want to help their moms, they bond while effectively earn more cash. Through this group project I learn that my PPA could improve for giving the best result to the community. If I get chosen as delegates, I couldn’t wait to do this PPA.


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