Day 2: Everything Is Possible

I figure lots of my fellow finalists were hard to fall asleep, and me? I had a pretty good sleep in my family host. As per usual, I help Ibu Mutijah in lapak (the peeling place) peeling them kijing good. But, I was only with Dewi and Anna, as Ibu Mutijah needs to help her husband’s bosses with cooking for their kid wedding. Before we headed to help peeling kijing, I had a really good breakfast with many seafood indulgences in one of the fellow finalist host’s house.

We got 4.5 kg for 3 hours, this is actually better than yesterday. Ibu Mutijah told us to went back home after finish peeling because today the kijing on the lapak is a little bit slow. On our way home, Dewi ask, “Ka, What are you doing yesterday, clapping the body like that?” (She went to pick me up yesterday after meeting up with all finalists; afraid that I won’t remember the way back, she’s so sweet). While she demonstrates the moves I notice it is saman dance, one of the dances we will perform on out cultural performance, 21 May 2017.

At home I taught her the basic moves and gradually lots of neighborhood kids join. There you go, a dance class has started. I find it very cute and they’re very passionate about it. I notice, most of them are really eager to learn, but they just don’t have the access to. Could I teach traditional dance to them for my PPA (Post Program Activity)? Maybe, but I’m not an expert. Even though I’m not a pro they all still learn those moves diligently, and that really moves me; I want to help them more. I could start helping Dewi and Anna in their homework.

As the sun goes down, I and some fellow finalist went to rumah kerang, share our scholarship experience with teenagers whose school financed by the nun from putri kasih foundation “rumah kerang”. I learn all theirs struggle they’ve been through to get a bachelor are really amazing. Instead of feeling nervous, I feel proud to be paired with fellow amazing youths. I notice these teenagers haven’t been motivated enough, they sighing and shrugging with the fact that English is important. I and fellow finalists encourage them nothing is impossible, everything is possible.

I told them how my father passed away and there was a little possibility that I could go to university, but it’s only on our head, turns out I went to Singapore and got a Diploma. This session was such an intimate experience. Encouragement is really important. Then it hits me, if I’m the chosen delegates, there’ll more teenagers motivated; probably who’s interested in art, like me interested in fashion. Especially, Dewi who seems interested in painting.


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