The Second Encounter

What’s up? I am back.

After I posted my first ever content on this platform, I have come to a realization that I lack a lot of writing fluency. Some grammar mistake or need added word(s) but, I’m not going to change it – because it is part of my growth.  I guess. I got so weird out trying to write a blog again; when I was younger, I did not give any serious thought of what people think. Recently, it is just inevitable to ignore. It seems people (well, actually not – it is just what I feel), expect me to have no mistake at writing content as I am a writer for the past one year. I hope not. Nobody is flawless.

But, let’s move on, it is only my midnight thought. Hence, how fashion or beauty spread is plan out? Disclaimer: The words come after the dot is not the tips or tricks, only my thoughts and how I did it. Is it hard to conceptualize a photo shoot? Well, everything is hard in this cruel world. You just got to need to push your boundaries. Before any ideas come in mind, there will be an editorial meeting with all the editorial teams to discuss our next issue, what are we going to talk and discuss about, how we deliver the theme on to prints – everything from a to z.

After the main topic of the next edition decided, beauty/fashion team will discuss how we apply those ideas into editorial shoot models. The first time I joined the team, I was just assisting my editor, help her decide which clothes to choose, which brands are killing it recently, contact contributors for photography and makeup, bring clothes from store or brand’s office, etc. Then, she trusts me to create the shoot concept. I was very delighted. Even though the concept made by me, the main idea still comes from my editor.

Usually, I begin by browsing the internet for current editorial approaches, such as on Pinterest, Tumblr, and of course Google. From there I pick some which I adore the most and start working. For example, recently I got a chance to style Jessica Mila for our Celebration/Party edition and decided to represent party/new year vibes on to the editorial. The first things come to mind are, balloons and glitter; obviously we need those for New Year party. How I get to here: The Moodboard

I created a mood board how my photographic approach would look like from pictures I took from the internet or magazine, and then decided what kind of wardrobe I want her to wear. Usually, on this second step, I go through all her social media picture to get a hold what her personal style look like, and then I conclude my chosen wardrobe. Specifically for this photo shoot, I want to show her variety look on a party, whether it super elegant, cheeky, fun, serious, etc. At last, I construct some makeup look for her cover story. There you are how I generate a photo shoot.

I know this post just a brief intro on how I do it. Maybe, next time I will talk about it more in-depth and probably someone could learn something out of it. Or, should I answer some question? It is for me to have a better writing perspective. It is too all over the place now. I will try to make it better, maybe. Please give me advice, if you all want something to discuss, I will try to elaborate and answers it. Till next time.


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