An Enlighten Launch

Whew, here we go again. I am back, well not technically on this blog but, on blogging yet again. What the hell am I doing here? Why am here when I had a blog? I have realized that I need a professional platform for my creative works. Here I am as my last blog was not a presentable one. Trying to be a professional person, but let me give it a little twist – amp up some vibrancy of my fun self. I am not becoming any new or different person or anything. But, we all need to accept that people change. We are relentlessly evolved to achieve our goals; it is just a matter of time.

Let me give out an update. I am an artist, in a way – even though I am not confident what an artist is. But, anyway, I do bits of this and that. Name everything: designing, styling, writing, selling, and talking – and literary more. I was a student back in Singapore with fashion design major and right now working as a stylist and writer for both beauty and fashion at a magazine in Indonesia. I had an old blog called Little Girl on Top – because I engraved when I was a little girl and want to stay on top *insert America’s Next Top Model opening music here*, and instantly abandoned. I had many school bits and pieces to look after.

Currently enjoying life the way it is but seeking some new opportunity – maybe in the love department, oh please – shut up. Well, a friend once wrote me that I am a workaholic; I did not grasp it until she wrote me in her cute tiny little letter. Even, starting this blog is work related – I just cannot bear to stand still. It gives me massive anxiety. Hence, I just keep working. When I am not working, I usually networking which is pretty much the same thing. I am not sure if it is considered a good stuff for me or bad shit crazy.

Move on to the next question. How I became a stylist? Honestly, I did not want to write – I want to be a designer for god sake, which is why I took a fashion major. I apply as an intern at a teen magazine because I was kind of having fun at school in the fashion media course. Let me tell you, working as an intern was extremely tiring but amusing. I feel like I have found my inner peace if you know what I mean. Accordingly, I looked for a job in a magazine as soon as I graduated and now I am in the forever-full-of-traffic Jakarta.

After a year working at a magazine, I have become an individual who enjoys writing. I feel empty inside when I am not writing anything, weird – I know. I thought maybe it is the time to go back into blogging. It is the right moment to share my work and thought about everything I might think of in the universe. Here I am, hello again, my long lost friend.

Next up is what am I going to write on this blog? Pretty much the whole lot I could think, my life trip, how I am 18 and working as a stylist, why I skip many classes and still get a diploma. On top of that, I hope I could also get my voice out there. On to the next post where I will share how I came up with a photo shoot idea.


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